Private Tuition: ​Full Day Workshop


(not including materials)



Reserve your own private workshop and work and benefit from individual tuition.

This workshop is suitable for those with no experience or for those who want to come back and work on their own projects.

You learn what you need to make your chosen jewellery design. As you finish each step in the process we explain the next one. We give you a brief overview of the techniques you can use, then we discuss the tools and the processes you need to make your piece of jewellery.

Each workshop is different as they are tailored to your individual designs and the method of making. In most of our beginners workshops you will learn the following traditional skills:

  • Measuring and sizing
  • Marking the metal ready to saw
  • Sawing out your design from silver using a piercing saw
  • Filing it to perfect the shape
  • ​Using a blowtorch to soften the metal so that it is easier to manipulate and you can shape it or texture it using a hammer or pliers
  • Texturing the metal
  • Soldering pieces of silver together using flux and a blowtorch
  • Cleaning the silver using an acid solution
  • Finishing your piece by sanding, burnishing, polishing and/or oxidising it.
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Important Announcement

Good afternoon everyone, it is with great sadness that we are having to close our doors to our customers and students this evening.

The days ahead are testing for us all and of course health and well being are our priority.

For your information if you have a workshop booking with us in the next few weeks we will contact you individually to reschedule.

You can still book workshops for later in the year and personalised gift vouchers are available from our website 24/7.

Thank you for your loyalty to our small company; we appreciate you supporting us in every way, and continue to ask you to like, share and comment on our posts! It really does help.

The days ahead are going to be challenging for us all but this will pass, and as soon as is we can we will return to business as usual. We will be answering our email as normal, so do get in touch if you need to.

We we will keep you updated and wish you all good health, keep calm and most of all be kind to one and all.

Sarah and Violeta xxx