Private Tuition: ​Full Day Workshop


(not including materials)



Reserve your own private workshop and work and benefit from individual tuition.

This workshop is suitable for those with no experience or for those who want to come back and work on their own projects.

You learn what you need to make your chosen jewellery design. As you finish each step in the process we explain the next one. We give you a brief overview of the techniques you can use, then we discuss the tools and the processes you need to make your piece of jewellery.

Each workshop is different as they are tailored to your individual designs and the method of making. In most of our beginners workshops you will learn the following traditional skills:

  • Measuring and sizing
  • Marking the metal ready to saw
  • Sawing out your design from silver using a piercing saw
  • Filing it to perfect the shape
  • ​Using a blowtorch to soften the metal so that it is easier to manipulate and you can shape it or texture it using a hammer or pliers
  • Texturing the metal
  • Soldering pieces of silver together using flux and a blowtorch
  • Cleaning the silver using an acid solution
  • Finishing your piece by sanding, burnishing, polishing and/or oxidising it.
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Saturdays and Sunday 11am to 3pm – no appointment necessary

  • Only one person in the shop (or two members of the same household)

Appointment only – Thursday and Friday 11am – 3pm 
(to book phone 01296 706266 or email  

  • Private appointment slot – If you ever wanted to know how The Queen feels when she goes shopping, now is your time! You can book your own private appointment and have a personal shopping experience, or you can simply browse peacefully.
  • Shopping via Zoom – Book an appointment via Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp Video.  From the comfort of your own home, in your coffee break!  We will guide you around the shop and you can choose your items.  Shop til you drop!  Payments can then be made over the phone, and you can arrange to collect, have your items delivered locally or posted.
  • If these hours don’t suit, get in touch, we are here to help you as much as we can.

Please see here the measures we have put in place for your safety.