“Pass the Prosecco!”: Let’s talk gift-giving

We have all been there – it’s idling in the back of your mind for weeks as the occasion approaches. Whether you’re looking for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other celebration, you want to give a gift that is truly appreciated. You want your loved one to feel special, so you muse on all the gifts gone before and wonder how to make this year even better.

To help you and save you a good few hours scouring through all the department stores, High Street shops or shopping centres out there, we’ve put together a list of some of our tips and tricks for finding the perfect gift.

Top Tip #1: Your Audience

Probably the most important step is to think about who it is you are buying for. What are their interests, what defines them as a person? As the old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts! It doesn’t need to be about the amount spent, a thoughtful gift makes more of an impression as it tells the person that you know them well and care about them. Give something you know that they would like, not what you would like to give as a gift. Would they prefer an experience or an object? Would they like a gift that would enhance their learning or something for recreation?

Top Tip #2: Budgeting

It would be lovely if we were able to spend unlimited amounts on the ones we love, but most of us need to stick to a budget. A budget often makes it easier to decide on what to buy if you aren’t sure where to start. With a limit in mind, your search will ultimately be easier, because you’ll want to spend it wisely in order to obtain the best suited gift. (The bonus is that if you stay under budget, you can use the saved money and treat yourself. Now in our opinion that’s an excellent reason to stick to a budget!)

Top Tip #3: Presentation

Think about how to present the gift and when you will do so. Will it be with family? A group of friends? An intimate dinner for two? Some people appreciate beautifully wrapped gifts and seek to prolong the experience by taking their time to slowly unwrap their gift. Others just can’t wait to rip the paper off and find out what is inside! Would wrapping paper or a bag be more suitable? Or perhaps a box of goodies to go through? It is also a good final touch to buy a card you know they will like and write a thoughtful message expressing your well wishes and love!

Still unsure where to start? Here are some suggestions of our favourite products for all occasions and personality types, that can be found in our store:

For those in need of relaxation:

Heathcote & Ivory Salsa Silks, Devine Collection Gift Set – this comes beautifully boxed. The box can then be reused for keepsakes! (£20)
Sara Miller, London Hand Cream Collection – A luxurious trio of hand creams perfect for the Spring chill. (£25)
Handmade Luxury Bath Bombs – Set of 4 heart shaped bath bombs, which smell wonderful. (£4.70)

For the fashion inclined:

NEW IN! Spring Scarves – various designs: animal print, tricolour, geometric patterns and solid colour scarves. (£20)
Fair Trade Leather Bags – small leather crossbody bag, this seasons colours, up-cycled and unique designs (Starting at £30)
Bamboo Cotton Socks – quirky animal designs, spring colours, one size, soft and comfortable (£7)

For those creative types:

Make your own Candle Kit – makes two candles, soy, Mimosa & Mandarin scented (also available as a Strawberries & Cream children’s kit) (£20)
Corzo & Wood Handmade Silver Jewellery – semi-precious stone earrings, silver necklaces, bangles, rings and other unique pieces (Starting at £15)

Or, if they don’t take your fancy, it’s always nice to treat someone to something they aren’t expecting. It’s so easy to continue buying people the same type of gifts year after year. How about a gift experience that you can share with your friend or loved one? At Corzo & Wood, we offer a selection of workshops to create your own bespoke jewellery! Please see here for more details!

Check back here for more from us! Hopefully we will be seeing you soon.


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