Make a Wrapped Ring: Half Day Workshop

From: £60.00 4 hours

(not including materials)
1pm to 5pm

You will be welcomed by Sarah or Violeta at 1pm and served tea or coffee and by 5pm you will have made your own wrapped ring!

Using traditional silversmithing techniques and tools you will learn how to cut out your silver with a jewellers’ saw. You will file it to the perfect shapes. You will be able to decide on your own combination of textures and finishes. You will have the option of using sterling silver in sheet or wire form. Then using a blowtorch, you will learn the annealing technique which is used to soften the metal so that it can be shaped using jewellers’ hammers. You will be experimenting creating a range of samples before selecting your favourite one that you will use on to your ring. Next is the cleaning and refining stage, which can be extremely satisfying if you are a perfectionist!

As with all our workshops, materials are provided to purchase on the day. This workshop is suitable for those with no experience or for those who want to come back and work on their own projects.  Take a look at our Pinterest Board for examples of rings that can be made during your workshop.

Materials not included
The course price does not include materials, so please be mindful of this when you think about what you would be interested in making, but we can explain this to you before you start your project.  We sell all the materials required for your project. Most of our students spend £20 – £50.

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